Chasing Mavericks Review

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Jay Moriarity (Weston) harbours dreams of riding the world's biggest wave. Under the tough-love guidance of mentor Frosty Hesson (Butler), he works to make his dream a reality.


The tragically short life of surfing legend Jay Moriarity should make for a riveting movie. Rather surprisingly, given the talent involved, Chasing Mavericks is anything but, an ocean of clichés that aims for poetic uplift but never rises above bland predictability. When it’s out on the water, with Gerard Butler and newcomer Jonny Weston riding the breakers — the mavericks of the title — it’s moderately thrilling, but even then there’s a curious lack of energy. On dry land it’s a wipe out, a real-life drama utterly defeated by a deluge of hackneyed life lessons and Movie-Of-The-Week platitudes.

Writer/director team Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted deliver a surprisingly tepid tale that becomes cheesier and cheesier the closer it gets to its predictable payoff.