Chasing Liberty Review

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Mandy Moore plays the President's daughter, who, determined to experience a normal life, slips her Secret Service protection while travelling in Europe, and falls in love with a British stranger.


The second of three films shot in 2004 about a rebellious President's daughter finding love (First Daughter came out in 2005), Chasing Liberty's almost brought about the creation of a sub-genre. As in the other films in the same vein, Anna Foster (Moore) escapes from the stifling security and protocol that surrounds her, and has her day in the sun with a handsome stranger. Only problem in this Roman Holiday-lite set-up is that her new love interest also has something to hide.

What this film hasn't brought, however, about is any sense that star Mandy Moore can open a movie. She may shine in supporting roles in the likes of Saved! and even A Walk To Remember, but she's given nothing to work with, and her charm fails to carry her through. When the supporting cast boast stronger storylines than the lead, something isn't right...

As a homage to Roman Holiday it fails completely, with even the normally charming Moore completely failing to hold the attention.