Chasers Review

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A hapless Navy grunt is assigned SP duty. The catch : he must escort a beautiful female prisoner on her way to prison for going AWOL


On the evidence of this potty movie, one can only surmise that the normally discerning director Dennis Hopper may be suffering from a temporary loss of reason. Whatever the excuse, he owes us a something really (ital) special to make up for this sub-video quality effort, fuelled up on pure brainlessness.
Based loosely on the 1973 Jack Nicholson movie The Last Detail, what plot there is follows sex-bomb, ex-Baywatch babe Eleniak jail-bound for going AWOL from her navy duty. Her escorts are has-been Naval NCO Berenger and his partner, young pretty boy swabbie McNamara, transporting her from their station to a detention centre along the trashy South-eastern seaboard. And, in not an awfully surprising manner, things don’t run to plan.
Quite indefinable in type, this hotch-potch of comedy, thriller and even sketchier romance, fails on just about every count. Eleniak seems present only to display the extent of her physique, and land herself in a rather salty sex scene with McNamara, who acquits himself with total blankness. Worst of all is Berenger who has gone from the Oscar nominated multi-layered brilliance of his Platoon sergeant to this overweight, hard-guy vet lumbering around without an ounce of conviction. To alleviate the tedium there is a set of curious cameos — Gary Busey, Seymour Cassel, Crispin Glover, Marilu Henner — but they do nothing to shake the impression that no other film released this year has managed to collapse to this level of crudity or stupidity.

Poor man's Midnight Run.