Change Of Address Review

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Love is all around in the City Of Lights as a provincial French horn player becomes besotted with a student and his Parisian flatmate falls for a customer at her photocopy shop.


There are worse people to crib a rom-com from than Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer, and Emmanuel Mouret blends their respective wit and insight to amusing effect.

With Mouret’s provincial French horn player besotted with student Fanny Valette, and Parisian flatmate Frédérique Bel fixated on a customer at her photocopy shop, true love runs anything but smoothly. It’s the byplay between Mouret and Bel that gives the brisk scenario its appeal, with Bel particularly engaging as the kook whose ditziness masks a fragility that the nebbish Mouret’s far too self-obsessed to notice.

Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer are cribbed to amusing effect in this decent rom-com.