Chances Are Review

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Louie and Corinne Jeffries are ahppily amrried until he is killed by a car on their first anniversary. He is reincarnated as Alex and fate brings him to the couple's daughter Miranda. When he meets Corinne again, just as she is about to marry his former best friend, all the memories of his old life start flooding back.


The director of Dirty Dancing Emile Ardolino, here turns his hand to a quirky reincarnation drama that was granted a video-only release in the UK. A young lawyer married to Cybill Shepherd dies tragically, but his soul returns to earth a few years later in the body of Robert Downey Jr.

Everything in his life is going fine until his girlfriend (Masterson) takes him home to meet Mom and — you guessed it — it turns out to be Shepherd, who after many years mourning the death of hubby number one is steeling herself up to marry best friend Ryan O’Neal.

The only romantic comedy out there which spans two lifetimes, Chances Are you'll wind up wishing it didn't.

Confused? Well, it’s not that complicated, but neither is it that original, although the leading players (especially Downey Jr.) put in amiable performances