Chameleon Review

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A government agent who had retired comes out to try to find a druglord who had his family murdered. However, as he assumes various roles, his chief becomes concerned about him as he starts struggling to differentiate between reality and his make-up.


A clichéd, overstretched but still hugely enjoyable romp through the word of drug cartels, CIA, revenge, stoolpigeons, nervous breakdowns and — giving shape to the whole shebang — personality disorders. Anthony LaPaglia is unnervingly convincing as the avenging ex-cop and progressively unhinging loose cannon brought in to unearth the bad guy and to fall in love with a suspect along the way. This is one chameleon with seriously bad karma, but, hey, redemption’s just around the corner. You’ll groan at the film’s pitfalls but at least you’ll never have to stifle a yawn.

An enjoyable romp.