Chalet Girl Review

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Strong-willed 19 year-old Kim Matthews (Felicity Jones) heads for a season as a chalet girl at a glitzy Alpine ski resort. Living and working in the luxury chalet of a successful businessman (Bill Nighy), she quickly finds herself out of her depth, even with a helping hand from well-to-do co-worker Georgie (Tamsin Egerton). Then she falls for the handsome Jonny (Ed Westwick)...


A British snowboarding comedy? It should be all downhill from there, but Chalet Girl is a very pleasant surprise. Director Phil Traill and screenwriter Tom Williams pile it on thick — the exposition-heavy intro, with T4 presenters, is clumsy as hell, while occasional tweaks on convention (for example, there’s no antagonist to derail our heroine) aren’t enough to disguise the fact that the whole thing follows the Sports Movie playbook step by step. But the giggles keep coming, the European scenery is amazing and Felicity Jones, in her first lead as the working-class summer-job girl who discovers a talent for giving it some serious goofy foot (yes, we did look that up), has buckets of charm.

Refreshingly funny Brit-com that ticks all the right boxes.