Chains Of Gold Review

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Alcoholic-turned-social worker Scott Barnes (Travolta) is hellbent on saving a young man named Tommy (Joey Lawrence) from the clutches of evil drug dealer Carlos (Benjamin Bratt).


From the depths of John Travolta's late-'80s/early-'90s career slump comes this painfully earnest effort. Here, he seems perpetually out of breath and sweaty as an ex-drunk social worker who goes undercover in the crack business, run by flashy hood Benjamin Bratt, in order to save a kid who's mixed up with the wrong crowd.

It starts with plodding editorials, then gets into clichéd thriller stuff - complete with unlikely sliding-down-a-building stunts - and winds up with a touch of melodrama involving Bratt's favoured corpse-disposal method - a lift shaft full of hungry alligators.

Acceptable late-night cable fodder, but no-one needs to own it.