Chained Review

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Serial-killing cabbie Bob (D'Onofrio) grooms his adopted son-stroke-apprentice-nutjob Rabbit (Farren) to carry on his legacy


There's nothing to say that a woman can’t make a misogynistic movie, and so it proves with David Lynch’s daughter, director of the notorious Boxing Helena. Vincent D’Onofrio is outstanding as a serial killer who preys on the women he picks up in his taxi, and who decides to keep the son of one of his victims (Eamon Farren) as a slave and potential protégé. This initially calls to mind the Austrian chiller Michael, but in place of that film’s psychological curiosity, Lynch has only stylised exploitation, with scenes of rape and murder leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, before a superfluous twist ending lands with a resounding thud.

Plenty nasty but singularly lacking in clever new twists on a weary genre.

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