Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Review

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Brick (Newman), an alcoholic ex-football player, is at the centre of this drama as he resists his wife Maggie's (Taylor) advances and deals with the news of his father, Big Daddy's (Ives) cancer.


Tennessee Williams' steamy play of warring Southern families was transferred to the screen with its oppressive heat intact, but homosexual overtones snipped - not entirely surprisingly given the era in which it was made. However, the characters and the relationships between them still come across powerfully.

Liz Taylor now looks a touch campy as Maggie, but Paul Newman remains as fresh as ever in his performance as the damaged football hero Brick, unable to return his wife's advances, so wrapped up is he in his own problems.. Full marks also to Burl Ives' enduring, overbearing turn as "Big Daddy", an archetypal Southern patriarch and then some.

Two of cinema's most iconic stars on top form make this worth a good look.