Casting The First Stone Review

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Diane, a former nun, is now a respected schoolteacher. When she is raped and becomes pregnant, she decides to keep the baby. But the community finds her decision morally inexcusable and the unbelieving school board dismisses her from her teaching position. With nothing left to lose, she wages the fight of her life to win back her job and dignity.


After picking up a hitchhiker, respectable schoolteacher Jill Eikenberry is raped and becomes pregnant. Because she’s a devout Catholic (and former nun for good measure) she decides to have the child — which means that her spiteful School Governors try to sack her for “immorality”.

As usual, there’s an ideal lawyer, who doubles up as an inspiration former pupil, to shepherd the heroine through the big court case (have the good guys ever lost in an American TV movie?) and along the way a lot of tears, heartache and pauses where the commercial breaks should be.

Yet another terrible TV movie on the subject of acquaintance rape.