Casablanca Review

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Rick Blaine is an American who runs a bar in the titular Moroccan city and makes it a practice never to get involved with anyone. When an ex-flame walks in, his life is turned upside down.


Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself has said "Awwwww" at this one? Surely every sentimental slob's very favourite Hollywood film of all time - and more than a few tough guys as well - the Second World War romantic adventure of them all is so timeless it's not just a classic it's a legend.

Love, honour, thrills, wisecracks and a hit tune are among the attractions, which also include a perfect supporting cast of villains, sneaks, thieves, refugees and bar staff. But it's Bogart and Bergman's show, entering immortality as screen lovers reunited only to part. The irrefutible proof that great movies are accidents.

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Much more fun than its stuffy "Greatest Film Ever Made" tag suggests, with a literate script, stylish direction, a great song and cinema's most romantic couple in Bogie and Bergman.