Carry On Regardless Review

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Bert Handy runs the Helping Hands agency, and his motley crew claim to able to tackle any job…

The fifth Carry On had only just enough plot to hang a series of gags on, as Bert Handy’s Helping Hands agency took on a bizarre series of jobs, whose only link is that they’re ripe with comic opportunity.

      So we have Kenneth Williams babysitting a chimp, Kenneth Connor in a 39 Steps parody, Joan Sims getting sizzled at a wine-tasting, wimpy Charles Hawtry winning a boxing match and the whole team demonstrating the Ideal Home Show to destruction.

      In the background dubious gobbledegook talking Stanley Unwin hangs around, obviously up to no good, but happy endings beckon for everyone.

      Watch out for cameo roles from the future Miss Marple Joan Hickson, Last Of The Summer Wine’s Bill Owen and Just A Minute’s Nicolas Parsons.

      Not a classic in the series, but a great showcase for some of its stars and worth seeking out for that reason.

More of a series of comedy sketches from the talented ensemble cast than a feature film, but still amusing.