Carousel Review

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Billy Bigelow died young, as a result of the bad choices he made when he fell in love with Julie Jordan. As he watches his daughter grow from heaven, he begs for the chance to go back and put things right.


Billy Bigelow (Gordon Macrae) sits up in heaven watching his teenage daughter struggle through life without him, and puts in a request to return to earth and try to make her understand his death. What follows is, naturally, ultimately uplifting.

The romance, marriage and subsequent problems between the charismatic fairground barker Billy and the sweet-natured Julie (Shirley Jones), are seen in flashback, enhanced by some of the greatest musical numbers ever filmed, including the joyous knees-up June Is Bustin' Out All Over, the stirring anthem You'll Never Walk Alone, and the poignant Soliloquy. A genuine tearjerker.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's music at its best, well performed by Macrae and Jones. A magical musical.