Carancho Review

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Ambulance chasing lawyer Hector Sosa (The Secret in Their Eyes's Darin) makes a living exploiting the misfortunes of Buenos Aires residents caught in car accidents. Against all the odds, he charms junior doctor Luján (Gusman), fiercely opposed to his prof


Pablo Trapero casts a noirish pall over this social realist study of Argentina’s traffic accident problem. But he fails to immerse viewers in the desperate milieu inhabited by ambulance-chasing insurance agent Ricardo Darín and junior doctor Martina Gusman. Thus, while this is a bleakly complex thriller, it lacks the depth of Trapero’s earlier work. Darín’s determination to help his impoverished claimants exacerbates tensions between rival insurers Carlos Weber and José Luis Arias and earns him Gusman’s respect. But her descent into drug addiction rings false and the storyline becomes increasingly implausible as she and Darín kick against the system that has ensnared them. The performances are solid, but this feels more like a slick genre picture than an authentic slice of life.

A bleak but emotionally bloodless look at the traffic chaos that claims 8000 lives on Argentina's streets every year. It's relatively effective as a thriller, but rarely welcomes the viewer into its world of legalities and despair.