Candy Mountain Review

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Julius (O'Connor) is a struggling musician who sets out to find legendary guitar maker Elmore Silk (Yulin) and beg, borrow or steal whatever knowledge he can from the great recluse.


Country music and road movie cinema usually sit comfortably side by side, like drifters at a campfire, happy to share the communal glow. But this film is more of an unmapped oddity than a road movie, as it struggles to go anywhere other than in infuriatingly tight circles. The musical talent is there (Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, Dr. John, David Johannsen) and there are some amiable driving tracks to wile away the time, but that, sadly, is all the director appears to be doing. Being 'taken for a ride' is touched on as a metaphor for youthful naivity, but falls into the same relentless enuui as the rest of the film.

Road movies should be pleasurable and free-spirited, but Candy Mountain drags too much weight around.