They Came From Outer Space Review

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Two teenage aliens, Abe and Bo, travel the United States in a red sports car in an effort to pick up chicks and learn more about life on Earth...


If this seems like the sequel to an original that never got released, that's because it's two episodes of a no-hope-of-ever-making-it-to-British-TV sitcom cross-breeding Bill and Ted with Earth Girls Are Easy, following the adventures of a pair of nerdish sex-crazed aliens marooned on Earth. Here, they get mixed up with three space bimbos whose sex partners turn to green dust, and wind up at a parodied Playboy Mansion party. Dean Cameron and Stuart Fratkin are annoying heroes, and the only recognisable guest stars are John Astin, sending up Hugh Hefner, and Tawny Kitaen. Leering prurient jokes but no actual sex, and a bare minimum of sci-fi gadgetry

There 's nothing new in this film and can only serve to show people how not to make sci-fi.