Calendar Girl Review

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Three young men in 1962, set out on a road trip their mission: to land a date with Marylin Monroe.


This whole movie is a desperate attempt to cash in on Jason Priestley’s Beverly Hills 90210 teen fame, this flimsy rites-of-passage tale is set in 1962 and follows three hormonally overloaded pals — Priestly the rash, mouthy leader, Jerry O’Connell (the young athlete in Jerry Maguire) the quiet brain-box, and Gabriel Olds the plump idiot — and their journey to Hollywood to land a date with none other than Marylin Monroe. The film has a cheap and hurried feel and is punctuated with an irritating range of indistinct Monroe stand-ins — shot from behind, through misty windows or obscured by shades.

Kitsch nonsense but rarely entertaining.