Caged Hearts Review

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Kate and Sharon kill a man in self defence and are framed by the justice system. They are put in prison and forced into prostitution.


Carrie Genzel (slim, dark, tough) and Tane McClure (silicone, blonde, whiny) get railroaded into a woman's prison, where they endure the regulation shower scenes and lesbian assaults and wind up in a private brothel run by the warden to service the law and order lobby. With the help of their defence attorney, they devise a plan to bust out of prison and hopefully expose the group of corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers, etc. who put them there in the first place.

There's nothing here that even attempts to hit credible levels of filmmaking. It's a poor effort at softcore pornography with a splash of plot to pass it off as a film. The usual stupidity, very badly acted and drearily directed.

Drab attempt at titillation.