Caddyshack Review

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A millionaire tries to turn a golf course into a property development, in the teeth of opposition from staff, members and some really determined gophers.


Flimsy of plot, filthy of mind and clearly made by people a large percentage of whom spent more time snorting lines than learning them, Harold Ramis' debut movie nevertheless remains a classic - not just the funniest fairway-set comedy of all time, but a peerless platform for the likes of Bill Murray and gag machine Rodney Dangerfield to monkey around as only they know how.

The nominal leads of the film - the young, handsome but downtrodden caddies - barely get a look in amid 'supporting' characters this accomplished, but that's probably a good thing. Better yet, the film's real star - a foot high John Dykstra-created disco-dancing gopher - looks even more amusingly rubbish in this format than usual.

It's not big and it's not clever, but it's very, very funny.