Buy It Now Review

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Is the first time always the most profitable in this convincingly realistic mockumentary?


An American teenager puts her virginity on eBay in this amazingly convincing mock-documentary.

Presented as excerpts from a mini-DV diary shot by 16 year-old Chelsea, it features scenes of self-harm and drug abuse that cast doubt on her airy claims that she’ll be popping her cherry in return for Prada handbags. The audio of the actual event is chilling (the video couldn’t be shown for “legal reasons” - this is how authentic this gets).

The ‘documentary’ is followed by a “narrative/director’s cut” with the same actress (the excellent Chelsea Logan), which is only really notable for the omitted scene. But the feature as a whole is a fascinating portrait of teen alienation in a consumer-obsessed society.

As a portrait of our consumer-obsessed society through the eyes of an alienated teen, you'll buy into this from the first frame.