Bus Stop Review

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Bo is a young, obnoxious rancher who has arrived in Cherie's hometown to compete in a rodeo. He first encounters her singing in a rowdy restaurant and immediately becomes smitten and decided her's ready for marriage. One snag - she's not interested.


Marilyn’s most wonderful performance is in this spirited William Inge play as sad, vunerable, used and abused bar singer Cherie, oafishly wooed by Don Murray’s ebullient, naïve cowboy.

Her deliberately awful rendering of That Old Black Magic and the “I want a guy who’ll be sweet with me” speech are brilliant. But used and abused or not, is it really feasible that even a washed up restraunt singer like Monroe's Cherie would fall for a moron like that?

The film that was billed as proof that Monroe really can play character roles is beefed up by her own beautiful sense of insecurity that she brings to Cherie. A joy to watch.

Perhaps Most brilliant performance.