Burnt Review

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Looking to bounce back from a Parisian catastrophe, firebrand chef Adam Jones (Cooper) launches himself afresh on the London restaurant scene.


Take one cocky, charmless, demon-ridden, recovering junkie chef (Cooper), indebted to thugs and detested by the lovers, rivals, colleagues he betrayed. Add improbably lavish backing (from Brühl as the former friend secretly in love with him) for a prime London location restaurant to relaunch his career seeking redemption and Michelin stars with highly-styled grub. Give characters unintentionally hilarious exposition to back story (“I’m a lesbian! Why did I sleep with you?” wonders cameoing Uma Thurman as The Restaurant Critic) or to explain what Michelin stars are. Garnish with a pinch of unpersuasive romance (Miller’s feisty saucier). It’s a recipe for glossy, hollow disaster.

A tasteless concoction - one gay character is particularly misjudged - that's instantly forgettable.