The Burning Plain Review

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Theron plays Sylvia, who's trying to find common ground with her parents after a turbulent childhood. Basinger will play her mother Gina, in flashbacks to that childhood. The two narratives eventually converge...


The directorial debut of screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga (21 Grams, Babel) is, unsurprisingly, an intense drama of betrayal, guilt (lots of guilt) and sex (lots of sex). It’s mostly hard going, as we cut between Charlize Theron (self-harming, promiscuous) and Kim Basinger (wounded, yearning), whose ill-fated love affair has a profound impact on her teenaged daughter (Jennifer Lawrence). Eventually, events conspire in such a way that a sort of posthumous bond takes shape. Ultimately a ponderous artistic jigsaw puzzle.

Hard-going drama from Senor hard-going drama.