Bundy Review

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True story of the serial killer Ted Bundy who beat pretty girls to death and then molested them.


Distributor Metro Tartan perseveres on its questionable mission to rehash the lives of the world’s most notorious serial killers, with a follow-up to the risible Ed Gein.

This is superior, certainly, but it nevertheless suffers from precisely the same flaws, as well as an uneasy, bizarrely slapstick tone. Both Bundy’s crimes (beating pretty girls to death before dabbling in a spot of necrophilia) and his modus operandi (he’s the good-looking one who would lure them into his VW Beetle) are the stuff of sick legend already.

What would be interesting is why? Example: why did the girlfriend he would make ‘play corpse’ in bed (one of the movie’s superior scenes) not smell something of a rat? Gentlemen, if you’re going to tread such well-worn ground, you’ll have to up your game.

Better still, plump for a less documented subject. Do us a Dahmer, who is apparently more famous in the US than half its presidents, and then we’ll talk.