Bullseye Review

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A luckless small-time confidence man and his double-dealing partner in crime go after a cache of diamonds after they discover their remarkable resemblance to a pair of corrupt government scientists who have sold secrets for the diamonds. A dazzling set of double crosses ensues as the bumbling dueling duos try to outwit each other.


Conmen Roger Moore and Michael Caine impersonate two lookalike atom scientists (remarkably Moore and Caine again) who’ve discovered the fusion process for making cheap electricity. A lot of pratfalls and shoddy complications later and both sets of characters are heading north on a train excursion which takes in so many stately homes it looks like a National Tourist Board film.

A constant string of terrible gags and two stars that make Abbott And Costello look like models of sophistication, this nonsense is directed, to his everlasting shame, by Michael Winner. Go sit at the back of the classroom and face the wall, Michael.

An absolute mess, with gags that wouldn’t pass muster in a Carry On film.