Bula Quo! Review

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Nasty organ dealer (Lovitz) finds his plans for personal enrichment and skyrocketing kidney sales threatened when a band of dad rockers lands in Fiji.


Had you ever been moved to imagine a Status Quo movie, it would most probably not be this. Rather than simply rocking all over the world, the 60-something band rumble a human-organ black market (masterminded by Jon Lovitz) and are forced into all manner of action-based indignities in order to survive. As a piece of filmmaking it’s a shambles, with dialogue, plotting and editing all stumblingly executed with no clear intent. There is, however, a certain charm in the Quo mainmen Rossi and Parfitt’s eagerness to deliver, if not, sadly, much ability to do so very well.

A oddball piece of no thrills (or conspicuous talent) filmmaking that's rescued by the charm of those rock survivors, the 'Quo.