Buck Review

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A documentary following Wisconsin-born horseman Buck Brannaman, who overcame childhood abuse to become an acclaimed horse whisperer.


Buck is essentially the Supernanny of the equine world: if you’ve got a horse “with people problems”, he’s your go-to guy. This steel-guitar soundtracked documentary has us join Buck as he travels across big country doing Jedi mind tricks at horse conventions on troubled steeds. Along the way, Buck recalls his humble beginnings as a foster child who had suffered at the hands of an abusive father; a history that plays a vital part in his career today and his treatment of vulnerable horses as extensions of himself. An ordinary man with an extraordinary gift, he inspired 1998’s The Horse Whisperer (cue Robert Redford bigging up Buck’s “genius”), and this novel and fascinating film does him justice, albeit in the most hammed-up way.

A touching, if occasionally overwrought look at the inspiration behind Robert Redford's Horse Whisperer.