I Am Bruce Lee Review

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Although Bruce Lee's filmmaking career was shortlived, running for four years between 1969-1973, his legacy, as Pete McCormack's documentary shows, has been profound.


There are so many Bruce Lee documentaries out there, they practically qualify as a sub-genre. Crash-coursing through the basics, Pete McCormack’s movie is zippier than most, if light on revelations. From streetfighting child-star to Hollywood legend to sudden death, talking heads and rare clips jab and skip through Lee’s life, spiced up with personal insights from daughter Shannon and widow Linda Lee Caldwell. Less welcome is the film’s relentless fixation with Lee’s legacy, leading to some cross-eyed comparisons. Still, it achieves what all good Bruce biodocs should — it drives you back to the movies.

A worthy addition to the sizeable canon of Bruce Lee docs that skips through his life and films with gusto.