Brothers Review

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Five British lads get pissed on a Greek island. That's pretty much it.


Quite possibly financed by the British Tourist Board to make people think twice before booking that foreign holiday, this badly misconceived fiasco follows a predictably diverse group of twentysomething blokes (one black, one gay, one woman-hater etc) as they decamp to Greece for a week of boozing, shagging and urinating on each other.

In truth, with something akin to a decent plot, this could have been a triumph given both the stunningly photographed loacles and believable performances from a cast of unknowns (some of whom you'll no doubt recognise, having seen them milling about The Bill or Holby City). But alas.

Dunkerton's script jack-knifes between cack-handed philosophising and sub-Greece Uncovered depravity in such a disastrous manner than it makes the similarly-themed Kevin And Perry Go Large look like truly deathless art.