Broadcast News Review

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Jane Craig (Hunter) is a television news producer in love with the kind of monster she usually despises, the pretty-boy anchorman, Grunick (Hurt). Aaron Altman (Brooks), meanwhile is a talented-yet-dull reporter in love with Craig. With production re-shuffles in the offing, who will lose out in their professional and romantic ambitions?


Funny and provocative look at the professional and emotional wrangles of a national TV news team, written and directed with great insight and an uncanny feel for the medium by James L Brooks. Broadcast News boasts and all-star cast: William Hurt as the ambitious, personable newsreader of limited smarts, Holly Hunter as the feverishly bright, vulnerable producer and Albert Brooks as the razor-sharp, cynical reporter with an unrequited love for his boss. There is also a delicious cameo from Jack Nicholson in a film with so much to savour, it’s tough to find any fault – if there is one, it’s the unnecessary epilogue, which has a slight souring effect.

In a film tracing the endless battles between style and substance, Brooks delivers both in abundance.