Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Review

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A family scandal seeing a large bounty placed on the head of one Alfredo Garcia - a reward latched onto by bartender Bennie (Oates) and his prostitute girlfriend (Vega).


Everything you’d expect of a Peckinpah film is on view in his most fully realised project: slow motion, Gothic angles, violence, misogyny... But there’s no denying the power of this lament for what his country had become. Peckinpah remains apolitical in backing the underdog against the twin evils of corporatism and the counterculture, but subversive Quixotism cascades through every frame, as bartender Warren Oates is deflected from his quest to avenge Kris Kristofferson for the rape of his girlfriend, Isela Vega. Oates excels, but the bleak brilliance is all Peckinpah’s.

Bleak brilliance.