The Bridge Review

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Documentary around teh Golden Gate Bridge and the suicidal souls it attracts.


A disconcerting air of voyeurism pervades Eric Steel’s documentary, which at times trespasses into snuff territory with its unflinching capture of suicidal plunges off the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently, the crew alerted the authorities whenever possible to suspicious behaviour during its year-long vigil. But such philanthropic concern scarcely comes across, as footage of jumpers is cross-cut with interviews with loved ones.

The segment on survivor Kevin Hines is more instructive, but the remainder smacks of exploitative sensationalism rather than the plea for action that the makers claim, with the cynical fabrication of suspense around one agonising individual especially distasteful.

If harrowing footage of deeply disturbed people contemplating a hideous suicide cross-cut with interviews with grieving loved ones who often blame themselves for failing to prevent the tragedy strike you as art - help yourself.