A Breed Apart Review

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Dr Ben McCarthy works for the FBI, investigating an assassination, he connects it to a series of other murders where the killers were previously registered as missing children and had no criminal records. With the help of one of the killer's sisters Lana and reformed mafia hitman Leo, they go to the mansion of disgraced Dr. Greely, who they suspect has something to do with it.


Also known as Perfect Assassins, this film tells the tale of FBI agent Andrew McCarthy who deduces that a brainwashed hitman is the long-lost brother of gun-loving blonde Portia De Rossi, and that he has been programmed by mad scientist Nick Mancuso. With his ex-wiseguy best friend Robert Patrick, McCarthy heads for Mexico where abducted kids are zombified. A lot of pop guns are fired off between tough talk until the conspiracy clamps down. Patrick and Mancuso try to add eccentric riffs to their overfamiliar characters, but softie McCarthy is nobody's idea of an action hero.

McCarthy fails to convince as a leading man in an unconvincing picture.