Breathe In Review

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Wistful for younger days as a talented artist whose promising artistic career was subsumed by married life, Keith (Guy Pearce) rashly takes a beautiful exchange student (Jones) into his family home. Their chemistry and his sense of lost creativity soon prove a potent mix.


Drake Doremus' follow-up his excellent Like Crazy retains Felicity Jones and the subtleties of its predecessor without achieving its emotional wallop. Jones is a foreign exchange student, whose attraction to stifled musician Guy Pearce blows a cultured American family apart. There’s lots to admire here: strong performances from Jones and Pearce, an interesting muted look and a tangible sense of longing (if Oscars were given for Best Furtive Glances, Breathe In would be a shoo-in). But the admirable restraint is undone by contrivances and a pat last reel. Its head may rule its heart, but Doremus is still one to watch.

Delicate in its portrayal of a shifting family dynamic, this is another film to mark Doremus out as a talent to watch.