Breath Made Visible Review

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A documentary exploring the life of Anna Halprin, an American pioneer of dance as modern art.


Only those already au fait with Anna Halprin will get much out of this hagiographic profile. Now in her eighties, Halprin’s remarkable career as a dancer and choreographer has seen her link movement with nature, ritual, politics and healing in a fashion both pioneering and provocative. But Ruedi Gerber is so in thrall that he fails to place Halprin’s oeuvre in its historical or critical context. Instead we see her reminisce luvvily along with collaborators John Graham and A. A. Leath in language as baffling as it is pretentious. By limiting excerpts from pieces like Parades And Changes and Returning Home to snippets, it’s impossible to judge the work’s meaning or quality, making this both inspirational and frustrating.

An amazing woman done sporadic justice.