Breast Men Review

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Dr. Kevin Saunders and Dr. Richard Larson are the two doctors credited with inventing silicone breast implants and the surgical procedure to put them in. This story charts their rise to success, before falling out with each other and going their separate ways.


David Schwimmer (of the eternal Friends fame) co-stars with assorted "ladybumps" as pioneering boob surgeon Kevin Saunders who, along with mentor Dr. Larson (Chris Cooper) revolutionised cosmetic surgery in the 60s by inventing the silicon implant. Although it was touted as another Boogie Nights, this trawl through three decades is far too superficial and uninteresting to merit the comparison, as Schwimmer is transformed from whining, idealistic nerd to whining, dressing gown-wearing coke addict. Directionless and despite the quantity of knockers on show, unerotic, the film rests on the charisma of its leading man. Which, quite frankly, needs augmentation.

For a story of great potential, its lack of humour, eroticism and a strong leading character is a great disappointment.