Bratz: The Movie Review

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Four BFFs (Best Friends Forever) go to high school only to get split up into different cliques. Two years later, their combined "passion for fashion" finds them realising the importance of being good buddies.


Mercifully free of the dead-eyed hooker dolls that inspired it, Bratz concerns four girls who, as they constantly scream between rictus grins, are best friends forever. When they’re split up by a Mean Girls-ish clique system at high school, they spend two years apart before realising the importance of friendship, being oneself etc.

The whole thing reeks of loopy desperation, with only newcomer Logan Browning coming away unscathed as an all-singing, all-dancing Tracy Flick, while the usual empowering messages are muddied by the need to crowbar in the Bratz’ “passion for fashion”.

And yes, that is Jon Voight lurking wretchedly in the background as the school principal.

Lessons about friendship and tolerance in this live-action toy story are sidelined in favour of a desire to increase unit sales.