All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Review

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College girl, Mandy Lane (Heard) is invited to spend the weekend at an isolated ranch with some of her male friends. As people begin to mysteriously vanish, it becomes obvious all is not as it seems...


Will audiences ever tire of teenagers killing each other on screen? They might after seeing newcomer Jonathan Levine’s drab emo twist on the slasher, which comes up with the stunning innovation of making the most obvious candidate the surprise killer and revealing who it is only half-way through.

Following a bunch of overprivileged kids out to a remote ranch, including the titular source of grunting pubescent infatuation (Amber Heard), Levine forces us to spend time with them sodding about before Mr. Killer makes his move. And the murders aren’t even inventive, so you can’t even enjoy the victims’ expiration.

All the boys might love Mandy Lane - discerning horror fans, however, will not.