Bound For Glory Review

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Folk singer Woody Guthrie travels '30s America and becomes inspired by the struggles of its people.


Hal Ashby's idealised 1976 biopic of folk singer Woody Guthrie was a critical success and was nominated for six Oscars, but bombed at the box office and has since, sadly, been forgotten.

Based on Guthrie's autobiography of the same name, the film charts his activities in the late 1930s, as he leaves the dustbowl desolation of Texas to head for the promised land of leafy California.

With Haskell Wexler's splendid photography and Leonard Rosenman's fine score (both of which won Oscars), the film provides a poetic yet authentic view of Depression-era America with the symbolic figure of Guthrie (an impressive David Carradine) at its very centre.

Definitely worth revisiting.