Boss'n Up Review

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When grocery store clerk Cordé (Dogg) becomes the protégé of a high-profile pimp (James), he’s on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a top player. But when he falls in love with his head ‘ho, he has to decide between love and the game.


People over the age of 30 who still work in supermarkets should seriously consider school. What rap films seem so keen on teaching us is that education won’t get you anywhere, but getting a high-profile patron and hooking your girlfriend on the streets will. It certainly works for store lackey Cordé. Taken under a senior pimp’s wing, he notches up a harem by stealing other pimps’ girls – who, in true rap fantasy fashion, treat him like the Second Coming instead of a money-grabbing layabout. Instead of getting rightfully killed, he rises to the top until a jealous pimp lands him in jail. Essentially a feature-length music video, Snoop’s songs are muscled into wincingly bad musical interludes: full of docile beauties with nary a foot in reality, this ain’t Hustle And Flow. As a portrayal of bling pimps it’s two-carat, as an insight into what an entire subculture aspires to, it’s just chilling.

Limp, self-satisfied and jaw-droppingly sexist. Avoid.