The Boss Of It All Review

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This Lars Von Trier comedy finds an IT company hiring an actor (Jens Albinus) to serve as the company's president in order to help the business get sold to a cranky Icelander (Fridrik Thor Fridriksson).


Lars Von Trier must have been a right pain as a kid - always pulling things apart and explaining how they work. His deconstructionist streak may have met its match, though, in comedy. His material is fine, if unusually derivative (think of The Office with a twist), a gigglesome study of our resistance to being disliked. But von Trier hamstrings himself with an awful, jarring editing style, and by occasionally taking us out of the action with his narration (where an Iannucci or Gervais would never have let us off so easily). He’s more concerned with explaining it than making us laugh, which is fine as an experiment - it’s just not as funny.

Von Trier's deconstructionist streak stymies this admirable attempt at a comedy.