Born To Run Review

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Two brothers arrive in a new town and after one gets into trouble with the local gang's boss, it is left up to the rebellious older brother (Richard Grieco) to bail him out. Along the way Grieco falls in love with a girl who has bad connections and must consequently save her as well as his brother.


Though it opens with a Streets Of Fire riff as broody macho rebel Richard Grieco takes part in some nocturnal drag races in an urban hellhole, this turns out to be less an action movie than a clod-hopping family drama. Because his brother is mixed up in shady deals with the local mob boss, Grieco has to compromise his principles, but sundry other uninteresting distractions, like bimboid blonde Shelli Lether, prevent him from getting back into any exciting business until the end. Albert Magnoli (Purple Rain) is a competent lighting cameraman but hopeless as a director, especially when lumped with a castful of pretty but wooden people.

A dismal teen tearaway drama.

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