Born To Fight Review

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A group of athletes and a policeman are among a group taken hostage in rural Thailand, and must not only escape, but help the local villagers defeat the local crimelord and his army.


Following the full-contact martial arts of Ong-Bak, this Thai action movie’s similarly marrow-shaking commitment to savage stunts confirms Thailand as the epicentre of old-school action, and presumably home to some of the world’s busiest fracture clinics.Directed by Ong-Bak’s martial arts choreographer, Born To Fight finds a policeman and a group of athletes among the hostages taken by a ruthless gang. And in a remote, rural Thai village, the spirit of Chuck Norris is resurrected with a practically non-stop stream of vigilante violence, to the beat of a rabidly nationalistic drum.

Ranging from the cartoonish to the downright nasty, the carnage degenerates into often unintentional hilarity, which admittedly will entertain genre fans. But scoring no points for plot, character, script or acting, it’s something everyone else can comfortably avoid.

Gung-ho, flag-waving action b-movie from the stunt supremo of Ong Bak, Born To Fight offers plenty of bargain basement carnage for anyone not bothered about such trifles as plot, character, script and acting.