The Borderlands Review

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Sent to examine strange goings-on in the West Country, Vatican investigators Deacon (Kennedy) and Mark (McArdle) let their differences on matters of faith. Along with tech man Gray (Hill), they find dark forces at work.


Among the better UK-based found-footage horror films, using both CCTV and jittery specs-cams for variety. Chatty techie Robin Hill and dour priest Gordon Kennedy record their investigations of a supposed miracle in a West Country church, which could be evidence of diabolical or divine intervention. Kennedy, simmering with rage enough to punch out a hoodie who gets on his (and our) nerves, and Hill, a sceptic who becomes a panicky believer, debate faith and the supernatural as the trap closes. Scare-light until the climax, which delves under the church into some earthy, horrid tunnels, but carried by strong performances.

A satisfyingly clammy horror elevated by some strong performances.