Bopha! Review

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A well-meaning South African policeman played by Danny Glover is anxious to speak out against apartheid but ends up only being used by the government to suit their cause. While this alienates him from his wife, his son takes matters into his own hands.


A well-intentioned but not-terribly-interesting directorial debut from Morgan Freeman. Danny Glover is a black South African policeman who tries to stand up for his rights during apartheid in 1980 but only succeeds in becoming a pawn used by the government. His family is subsequently torn apart by the changes in the country as they each hold their own views and their father tries to do what’s best for his family. Finally, though Glover’s son takes a stand against the nasty whites like Malcolm McDowell. Elementary political awareness-raising mingles with trite dramatics, and it all ends up with lots of extras chanting slogans as the music gets stirring.

For Freeman's first feature as Director, the end result is enjoyable but given his strong roles over the years, somehow more was expected. The equally powerful Glover gives a memorable performance in an interesting film that will inspire and educate.