Boo, Zino And The Snurks Review

Image for Boo, Zino And The Snurks

Boo, Zino and, yes, said Snurks are magically moved from their fictional home into the real world.


Germany has its first stab at a feature-length CG animation in this family adventure. Its use of English voices indicates a bid for international appeal, furthered by parallels with Toy Story and even The Truman Show.

Boo and Zino (apparently humans with big furry ears) live in Gaya, oblivious to the fact that they're characters in a fictional TV show. Thanks to a meddling professor, they're magically transported to the real world through TV sets, along with mayor's daughter Atlanta and three Snurks (the local thugs).

The animation's not bad - some of the facial expressions are charming - but this lacks the humour and colour achieved by market leader Pixar. The real world may be dark and dingy and full of dodgy back alleys, but do kids really want to see that? Doubt it.

Entertaining enough, but just not matching today's lofty standards in animation.