Bonded By Blood Review

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Essex, 1995. Three gangsters, Tony Tucker (Terry Stone), Patrick Tate (Tamer Hassan) and Craig Rolfe (Neil Maskell), are killed in their Range Rover. But how did they rise to prominence and at what cost?


Reviewing Essex Boys ten years ago, Empire suggested that the true story of 1995’s notorious Rettendon ‘Range Rover’ murders would have made a better movie, and so it proves. Only those involved — three of them dead, two others in jail, protesting their innocence — know for sure whether this version, based on former Essex Boys gang member Bernard O’Mahoney’s bestselling account, is any more truthful, but no matter: it’s a well played, decently made story about mid-’90s drug dealers, irredeemable hoodlums who mostly get what they deserve… Yet one can’t escape the nagging suspicion that, for the audience it’s aimed at, the drugs-and-dollybirds lifestyle on display is aspirational.

Decently made and well-acted, but with a whiff of glossy, high-life voyeurism.