Bombon El Perro Review

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Juan is unemployed and out of luck, until he is given a dog. A pedigree dog that might just be able to win big prizes at dog shows and get Juan back into the game of life.


Out of work and thrown onto the scrapheap of life, 52 year-old Juan’s (Villegas) luck changes when he is gifted a dog after an act of kindness. And not just any dog: ‘Lechien’ is a pedigree Dogo Argentino who, with the right training, will win big prizes.Another small story from the director of Historias Mínimas, this is the most unlikely pairing of man and beast since Clint supped a pint with Clyde the orang-utan. Sorin takes us off the beaten track, out of the cosmopolitan cities and into the rough, rural heart of Patagonia, lending authenticity to the fictional plot with his use of real locations and a non-professional cast.

Experience and honesty are etched onto the face of Villegas, whose bemused good nature when confronted with life’s disappointments provides this slight film with its soul.