Bodywork Review

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A London yuppie is framed for the murder of a prostitute.


While one can only assume some Brit underworld scripts are actually rejected by film companies, it seems very difficult to believe while watching this dog-eared tale of murder and mayhem.

Matheson plays a shy office-worker on the lam after being framed for killing a prostitute, who shacks up with terminally ill car thief Charlotte Coleman - don't worry, it's one of those only-in-the-movie illnesses where the person looks fine right up to the moment they pop their clogs. Dripping with clichés ("You're dead already. You just 'ain't buried yet.") the result is so predictable it's not so much a whodunnit? as a hedunnit!, although fans of the one-time Confessions Of... co-star and saintly OXO mum Bellingham may savour her unlikely turn as a hooker.

Such sit-com level antics fail to impress on every level.